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markzero mark at
Thu Mar 10 08:03:09 PST 2005

> > Dan has given explicit permission to read, compile, modify and use
> > the source code of djbdns.
> From
>     "For a program to be "open source", you must be able to, among other
>      things, change the source and redistribute it. DJB prohibits
>      distribution of modified code and so programs which are so-licensed are
>      not open source."
> In other words, people who aren't the Free Software Foundation or OSI also 
> agree that Dan's license isn't an Open Source license.  As I said, though, 
> whether that's good, bad, or irrelevant is up to the administrator.  It's 
> just something that many people aren't aware of but would be interested in.

Good point.

I suppose it's also a matter of the definition of 'Open Source'. For me,
open source equates to 'I can read the code to see if it's trustworthy
and can compile it so I know that I got what I read' but you're right,
it doesn't pass the 'official' definition.


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