ng_netlow and mpd

Dmitry Kozhevnikov xeon at
Thu Mar 10 06:26:04 PST 2005

Здравствуйте, Alexandr.

AL> Hello Freebsd-questions,

AL>   I have ip statistics collector based on ng_netflow.
AL>   It was working on old server, but now (server was reinstalled due to
AL>   HDD failure).
AL>   But now it is working with ethernet interfaces and not working with
AL>   pptp (mpd).
AL>   All configs and kernel was restored from backup.
AL>   Is there any ideas?

Yes, look if your server sends UDP packets to collector host (even it
is local host). If not, try to cvsup and reinstall net/ng_netflow
port. If yes, look where this packets are dropped.

В-общем, придётся поебаться :)

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