Recommend a Printer for FreeBSD

David Kelly dkelly at
Thu Mar 10 06:18:48 PST 2005

On Mar 10, 2005, at 4:00 AM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> The things are workhorses and last forever, they only need an input
> roller replacement at 10,000 copies or so, which costs about $100
> for a decent printer repair shop, and very few on the used market
> ever went this high on the page count.

Am thinking we dropped a couple of orders of magnitude. 10k copies 
should be two toner cartridges. And while I agree there are probably a 
lot on the market with less than 10k pages I can hardly ever remember 
using a printer at work with less than 100k. 300k was common.

I do agree, a printer with ethernet and built-in Postscript will result 
in the best output and easiest support. Current employer has a Canon 
imageRunner 330 all in one fax, copier printer, beast. Only speaks 
PCL5e because they are a Windows shop and don't understand the notion 
of "accurate output." Tell it to print duplex from Windows XP with a 
0.500" gutter margin to punch holes in and it will dutifully put the 
margin on the left on both sides. Prints the backside shifted into the 

Am exploring CUPS on the FreeBSD machine I brought from home. Looking 
to use it as a Postscript RIP to see if I can get better copy out of 
the Canon. Its not important enough to spend more than a few spare 
moments here and there as I am NOT I.T.

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