How to identify xterm font

Matthias Buelow mkb at
Thu Mar 10 03:36:28 PST 2005

Sergei Gnezdov wrote:

> I like the size of the xterm window.  It is small and it uses very
> easy to read font.  Unfortunately, it does not play very well with
> emacs.  For these reasons I use Gnome terminal.  Gnome font is bigger,
> thus it takes more space on the screen.  How do I identify which font
> is used by xterm, so I can apply it for gnome terminal?

Gnome terminal uses Xft, so I'd say you'd first have to mess with 
fontconfig and alias your xterm core font to an appropriate Xft font.

> I also would like to know why my ~/.Xdefaults configuration is not
> applied in Gnome.  It worked just fine in KDE and most other
> environments.

try ln -s .Xdefaults .Xresources

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