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John Pettitt jpp at
Wed Mar 9 14:00:52 PST 2005

Paul Schmehl wrote:

> --On Wednesday, March 09, 2005 04:42:46 PM -0500 Ean Kingston
> <ean at> wrote:
>>> I am looking into setting up a DNS server on our network using an
>>> existing FreeBSD box. I have been looking around and reading comments
>>> on different DNS servers out their but everyone has mixed feelings. I
>>> know someone who uses BIND and is happy with it .. is their any reason
>>> why BIND wouldn't be a good choice? All i need is to have DNS running
>>> on a webserver so we can host our site internally...any feedback on
>>> this setup and/or DNS server is appreciated
>> I belive Bind is still included with the base FreeBSD OS. I've used
>> it in
>> the past and never had any problems with it. As always, YMMV.
> If you're concerned about security, BIND has had a large number of
> security problems.  DJBDNS is in /usr/ports/dns/ and it's very easy to
> setup and very easy to use.  More responsive than BIND as well, and
> you don't have to figure out the esoteric syntax that BIND requires.
"Has had" being the operative phrase - that would be bind 4 and bind 8 -
bind 9 which is a rewrite has a pretty solid record - also in the ports

The argument against DJBDNS comes down to a) DJB annoys a lot of people
and b) some of those people thinkg DJBDNS is not standards compliant.   
This argument is about as accurate as the "bind not secure" argument -
they both may have a grain of truth in the past.

The DNS discussion is a lot like the Linux vs BSD discussion - it's a
religious issue (strongly held views not always supported by facts)


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