Hardware dongle with FreeBSD support?

jonas jonas at schiebtsich.net
Wed Mar 9 06:16:52 PST 2005

Hello questions-list!

I'd like to know if anyone here is aware of a hardware manufacturer or 
supplier that offers dongles with FreeBSD support? (A small piece of hardware 
to plug into a USB or serial/parallel port with the possibility to store 
encrypted information on it.)

Background: The company I work for sells a system running on FreeBSD and we 
need to have this kind of copy protection and the possibility to store some 
bits of information on the dongle. Our current solutions already includes a 
parallel port dongle (WIBUKEY), but the driver for this one is capable to 
check for existence only, not to store to and retrieve information from it. 
So we are looking for an alternative.

Anyone here who can recommend a dongle with decent support for FreeBSD?


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