Setting hostname - fake and real

Ben Paley ben at
Wed Mar 9 00:40:49 PST 2005

On Wednesday 09 March 2005 08:20, Luke Kearney wrote:

> Hello Ben
> Sounds like you might need some DNS magic here. I am not entirely sure I
> understand why you would want to use fake dns names.

I don't especially want to use a fake name, I just don't have a real one to 
use... the machine I'm talking about is my home machine with dynamic IP - I 
know there are ways round this, but it hardly seems worth registering a 
domain for this machine when it's off more than half the time anyway!

> It won't really 
> work properly and if testing scripts that send mail is the goal then a
> FQDN is probably a good idea. Do you control the DNS for your 'real'
> domain?

It's hosted commercially. In practice I might be able to get the tech people 
there to do me a favour, but then again I've got this dynamic IP

> If so add your host potato and if possible get a reverse DNS 
> entry to match.
> For apache and X edit /etc/hosts and put the real information there and
> your problems should go away.

Thanks a lot, I'll give this a go. <thinks>/etc/hosts, of course, what a fool 
I am!</thinks> If it doesn't work then maybe I'll find myself going down the 
route of registering another domain!

Thanks again,

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