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Riaan Annandale riaana at mundane.co.za
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Hi Everyone,

I previously sent this to the n00b list in error, and then I found out that it's only for discussions.

Please see my points below.


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> Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 08:25:08 +0200
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> Subject: Hi All + Technical question
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> Hi Everyone,
> I literraly juts signed on tho the list, and now it's time for some n00b questions.
> I didn't know if I whould ask on the technical list seeing as IMHO this is a pretty n00b question.
> See I've got quite an extensive linux background so I figured it can't be that difficult on freeBSD. I've played around with BSD once or twice (back in version 3 and 4) but never for very long before giving up and moving back to SuSE.
> However, this time I think i got the bull by the horns! I've migrated all my stuff from linux to BSD (workstation wise) there's just a couple of outstanding issues. Ie. KDM/GDM needs to work properly, as other people use my machine for an X server.
> And i am currently still sorting out mailman with postfix. Which was my own fault as to why it's not working.
> However, there are two things that are bugging me. Whenever I leave X, the console seems to get darker, eventually I can't see it anymore, and have to reboot to sort the problem out. I feel this could be video card related - I have a GeForce 4 MX 420 with the latest NVidia drive. And I have disabled the AGP, ACPI is also disabled otherwise X just hangs.
> So I was wondering if anyone has any clue as to what this might be?
> And second I dunno how many of you use gkrellm in windowmaker but, i can't get it to appear on every work space. This I am sure, is a real dumb thing on my part because i feel it must be something really simple.
> Other than that however, everything is going great! 
> Let me know if this is too technical for a newbie list so that I can put it on the tech list too if need be.
> Thanks in advance!
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Engineering: Senior Systems Administrator
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