Charles Swiger cswiger at
Tue Mar 8 22:41:39 PST 2005

On Mar 8, 2005, at 11:02 PM, Andreas Lindström wrote:
> It seems i have the same kmem_malloc problem as some others has had in
> their SMP computers that is running FreeBSD 5.3, however, it is also
> different... my problem doesnt occur after an extended period of
> running the server, it occurs randomly at bootup. Another difference
> is that it is not a 2GB memory machine, it runs at 128MB.

Could you be more specific about the problem you have?

> Now, since the previous fixes all said to increase the VM_KMEM
> settings im guessing this wont work for me since i have 128MB physical
> memory and 256MB swap (actually, ive tested it as well, doesnt work).
[ ... ] say "this module is using one hell of
> alot of memory so remove it and decrease the VM_KMEM and it should
> work"... seriously, why does the kernel use 320MB+ of memory?
> Something to do with the SMP code?

Which module?

I am almost certain that your kernel is not trying to use 320+ MB of 
RAM on a machine with 128 MB of physical memory available, so it is 
likely that you are misunderstanding something.  When you run top, the 
size of the kernel is best reflected by the "wired" category.

Speaking of which, what does top or "vmstat -s" say?

> And, if i have to get more memory... how much more should i get? Would
> 256MB be enough, or does FreeBSD 5.3 only run on 2GB+ machines now?

What tasks are you running on the machine?  FreeBSD will quite happily 
work as a mail server, router, firewall, stuff like that in 128MB, but 
if you are running X11 and a bunch of graphical apps, more RAM would 
certainly help.

[ If you avoid running a dozen or so virus scanner/antispam perl 
thingies like SpamAssassin or amavisd with 30MB RSS each, you can run a 
lightweight mail server fine in 32MB, although FreeBSD 4.x or NetBSD 
would be better suited for a low-memory environment than FreeBSD 5.x 
is... ]


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