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Mon Mar 7 19:58:06 PST 2005

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 19:12:39 -0800, Ron Gilbert <lists at> wrote:
> I posted the following message on freebsd-newbies at, but
> didn't get a response, so maybe someone here can help:
> I am trying to figure out why I am not getting the lasted packages.  I
> am trying to get ImageMagick, which according to freshports is
> the latest, but when I do "pkg_add -r ImageMagick", I get

I searched the ports section on freebsd site and found out the following:

ImageMagick is for freebsd 5 & 4 Stable.
ImageMagick is for FreeBSD 5.x Release. an older version is
for FreeBSD-4.x Release

So which version of FreeBSD are you running?
#uname -a

The packaging system automaticaly fetches the version suited for your
version of FreeBSD.

> I have run cvsups, which I believe gets me the latest ports, is there
> an equivalent for packages?  I was under the impression that they
> always got the latest?

Yes but only what is suitable for your current FreeBSD system is
always installed when you install a port or add package.

> As far as ports, do I just need to run cvsups to keep it up-to-date?
> All this is a little confusing: ports, packages, cvsups, portupgrade,
> etc... :-)

Ports need to be built and installed first.
Packages are precompiled versions  (Binaries) of the Ports.
cvsup updates your source/ports/docs. you still need to install the
updated versions by your self or you can use portupgrade/portmanager
which one you prefer to do this for you.

I hope this information helps to understand how things work under FreeBSD.

> Can someone point me to some clear docs on all this?  I have spent
> hours looks at the freebsd docs, but it's just not clicking for me.
> I just want to make sure I am running the most recent version of mysql,
> php4, apache, etc, but am really unclear how to get and upgrade ports
> and packages.

I usually run cvsup daily to update my sources and ports. I don't like
to use pre-compiled packages since I use a custom built kernel and the
default options used to compile the packages are not allways suitable
for my work (I use FreeBSD as a Router , DNS Server "BIND" , Caching
Proxy "SQUID"). Thats why I use the ports to configure the build
options to my needs.

cvsup <cvsup.conf>    # to update my sources and ports.
portupgrade -an   # first i use "-an" just to check out changes.
cd /usr/ports/www/squid # ohh a new version of squid is there!!!
make config    # to checkout configuration options for Squid.
vi Makefile     # usally I check the makefile for other options.

Finally instead of building/compiling/installing etc...
portupgrade -v squid  # i use -v because i love to see things as they happen.

Or you can use <portupgrade -av> to update all ports for which a new
version exists.

People how don't need to compile/install ports just use pkg_add.
It all depends on what you have and what you need.

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Check the ports page on FreeBSD site
Search for ImageMagick. then select the right Release/Stable 4.x or
5.x to see which version of the port exists for differrent versions of

Kind Regards
Abu Khaled.

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