IPFW config

Jeff Penn jeff+list+news at jrpenn.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 6 11:13:26 PST 2005

SigmaX <scottclansman at cwazy.co.uk>:
> I have a FreeBSD 5.3 server that I access over SSH.  I followed the 
> handbook guide to loading the ipfw kernel module to setup a firewall.  I 
> made the mistake the other day of loading the firewall, which defaults 
> to block all, and rebooting, so I couldn't get into the system again 
> (Had to drive in and fix it :-P).  Anyway, what I need to know is how to 

# Change ipfw(8) rules with safety guarantees for remote operation
# Invoke this script to edit ${firewall_script}. It will call ${EDITOR},
# or vi(1) if the environment variable is not set, for you to edit
# ${firewall_script}, ask for confirmation, and then run
# ${firewall_script}. You can then examine the output of ipfw list and
# confirm whether you want the new version or not.
# If no answer is received in 30 seconds, the previous
# ${firewall_script} is run, restoring the old rules (this assumes ipfw
# flush is present in it).


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