Aureal-kmod (was Re: No Subject)

Mike Hauber m.hauber at
Sat Mar 5 18:10:05 PST 2005

On Saturday 05 March 2005 08:22 pm, Ross Penner wrote:
> Hi, I searched the archive to no avail on my problem altough
> I'm sure it's quite simple.
> I have an aureal vortex 2 sound card which I would be quite
> happy to use, BUT, I'm having a hang up when installing the
> port 'sound/aureal-kmod'. I get the error message:
> ===>  aureal-kmod-1.5_5 You need to extract kernel source tree
> before building this package.
> sounds woefully simple but I'm at a loss. My freebsd install is
> about a month old and I've yet to have audio sucess. I'm
> running 5.3
> Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom.

Sounds like you need to install your source tree...

At the command prompt:
$ su
Password: <ssh>
# /stand/sysintall

Go through the sysinstall as follows:

Select 'src' from the menu and select OK

select the appropriate media to install the src tree from.

Then exit sysinstall, the src tree is installed.

Then try to make the port again.


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