Thunderbird crash

Jason Henson jason at
Sat Mar 5 15:10:37 PST 2005

On 03/04/05 07:52:39, Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
> I installed the latest thunderbird port (1.01) to see how it compared  
> to Mozilla Mail.  So far I have had three bus errors and a  
> segmentation fault!  SO far I haven't even been able to reply to an  
> email.  Needless to say, Mozilla Mail does not have this level of  
> problems for me.
> I imported all my Mozilla setting when I first ran.
> Anyone have similar problems or suggest how I can figure out what's  
> going on?
> Running FreeBSD 4.10 and XFree86 4.4.  XFree server package is a  
> couple of minor revisions off latest, but everything else (gtk etc)  
> fully up-to-date.
> --Alex
> _______________________________________________

The default xserver is now xorg.  Other than that do you have any  
CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS set you shouldn't.  From my experience you should  
not use any, especially -f*.

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