Moving a directory hierarchy - best practice?

Sebastian list at
Fri Mar 4 12:47:32 PST 2005

> I have spent 20 minutes or so googling around to find the best way to
> _move_ a complete directory hierarchy. But must admitt that I haven't
> foundmany good answers.
> The best suggestion was from
> To move /tmp/blarg to /var:
> % cd /tmp
> % tar cvf - blarg | (cd /var; tar xf -)
> I bet there must be atleast one utils like a binary named "mvdir" or
> similar that simply taked two directory names as argument. But I can't
> find any.
> How do you guys move around your directory structures from prompt?
> //J

I use:

Quick and dirty:
$ mv /tmp/blarg /var/blarg

If it's really important stuff:
$ rsync -a /tmp/blarg /var/
$ rm -rf /tmp/blarg

I'm interested to hear others' methods.

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