ipfw lost its mind?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Thu Mar 3 10:48:17 PST 2005

Paul Schmehl wrote:
[ ... ]
> So, I removed rule 00001 and created a new one like this:
> ipfw add 00050 allow ip from {my workstation at work) to any.
> I then ssh'd to my workstation and attempted to ssh back to the server.  
> No go.  Yet ipfw show shows an increased packet count on the counter for 
> that rule.  So, it's seeing the packets, but they're being delayed somehow.
> Why the allow ip from any to any works, but allow ip from my workstation 
> to any doesn't is a complete mystery to me.

TCP connections are bidirectional, therefore you need to add rules which allow 
traffic from all back to your workstation, or else use keep-state and 
check-state to use dynamic rules....


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