FreeBSD NFS client and Netware 6.5 NFS server

Bob Johnson bob89 at
Wed Mar 2 14:56:27 PST 2005

Bob Johnson wrote:

> As explained in the message below, a trace of the NFS server activity 
> shows that the FreeBSD client implements ls -l as a series of <ACCESS> 
> operations (whatever that is) followed by an <FS STAT>, while a Solaris 
> client does a series of <GET ATTR> operations (those are the Netware 
> abbreviations for the operations).   The Solaris client does not exhibit 
> any of these problems.  I don't know if that is meaningful with regard 
> to this problem, but clearly the Solaris client is doing things very 
> differently than the FreeBSD client.

The difference in the trace (which operations the clients perform) is 
the difference between NFSv2 and NFSv3.  The problem persists regardless 
of the NFS version, though.

- Bob

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