Received mail timestamp is off by 7 hours

Tom Trelvik ttt at
Wed Mar 2 13:18:03 PST 2005

Luke wrote:
> 1) NTP is difficult to configure.  I've done it, but it wasn't trivial.

	It's always seemed rather straightforward to me, what in particular 
gave you trouble, perhaps we could help?

> 2) Finding an NTP server willing to accept traffic from the public isn't 
> easy either.  For me it involved a scavenger hunt through out-of-date 
> websites and a lot of failed attempts. is public, and has it's own atomic clock.  A google 
search for "public ntp servers" also found this:

> 3) If your clock tends to run noticably fast or slow, constant NTP 
> corrections tend to do more harm than good, at least in my experience.  
> It got to where I couldn't even run a buildworld because NTP kept 
> tinkering with the clock in the middle of the process.

	That suggests larger problems on your system, to me, but I dunno.


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