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Ok sorry.

Precisely. I have a file (actually a script, sorry) that has a lot of the
settings for a client in, eg IP addresses, interface they connect on etc.
and I use the motd to keep all this together, just to make things easier
when I log into my server. Now I want the motd to update (if at all
possible) to the settings in this file when I change it. Maybe a script IS
the only way to go.

Here is an example:

Say i have a file /root/, and it has this line:
Now I want to have the motd, when it is displayed after login, to go fetch
the current value of that IFACE, and display that value.

Is it a bit clearer?

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> > First, thanks. What I just wanted to try out is to have my /etc/motd
> updated
> > automatically from a changing value in another text file. So that way I
> > wouldn't have to update both every time. No way for that? Thanks.
> You keep going around in circles saying the same thing.  Be specific.
> What, *precisely* do you want your motd to do?
> Kris

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