make, etc, whereis, commands broken

Warren shinjii at
Wed Mar 2 00:08:07 GMT 2005

> That depends on what you did.  If they're completely gone, you'll need
> to get them back; backups are the traditional way of fixing this.  In
> the worst case, a complete base system reinstall (possibly updating
> from source, if you have enough of your system left to do that) will
> fix it up.

/usr/obj/usr/src/usr.bin/make/make and all the other commands that dont work 
exist like the make command, but when something like a make install or 
portupgrade etc is issued it fails ... so i've obviously stuffed the main 

Most other things work its mainly the make, whereis, vi, clear, fetch, ftp and 
other things that rely on make ....

If i re-do the base system will that then cause the various ports i have 
running to need re-configuring.. e.g. dhcp, named httpd etc

This sort of thing is really beyong my present knowledge lvl of BSD at 
present, so exscuse the dumb questions.

Yours Sincerely

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