Dual boot with XP

Greg Barniskis nalists at scls.lib.wi.us
Tue Mar 1 23:22:13 GMT 2005

David Larkin wrote:
> I'm going to by a laptop with wondoze XP pre installed soon.
> The machine will have one IDE disk.
> Am I right in thinking that I can install FreeBSD also without having to re-install XP ?
> I"ve searched the mailing list and found info on how to achieve dual boot with multiple disks< but how do i go about this, which I guess is a common task ?
> Is there a tutorial out there in cyberspace somewhere ????

Jerry gave a pretty complete answer. I have two cents to throw in:

Consider reinstalling Windows instead of futzing with shrinking the 
partition to make room for FreeBSD. No question that it can be done, 
but as noted it may cost you for some commercial partition mgmt. 
software for NTFS. But that's not my reason.

The vendor is highly likely to load your laptop's installation of 
Windows with all kinds of unwanted cruft, including AOL and 
Earthlink dialers, scary automated "helper" software, and gawd knows 
what else. If you install Windows, you get to control it (to some 
small extent). Would you rather have to go and weed out the 
bloatware that you don't want, or would you rather build up a box 
from nothing, including only what you do want? The latter is more 
"the BSD way" and that's why I usually choose to reinstall Windows 
in these cases.

You'll want to fire up Windows as delivered by the vendor at least 
once and poke around in it awhile, particularly if it comes with any 
"free" stuff you want, like an antivirus subscription or what not -- 
sometimes these installations come with serial numbers "embedded" by 
the vendor, that you must use to register the package before you'll 
be able to successfully reinstall them from CD after reinstalling 

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