Can "/etc/rc.conf" be replaced with a symlink?

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Tue Mar 1 03:34:29 GMT 2005

On Monday 28 February 2005 06:32 pm, "Clay" 
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> On Monday 28 February 2005 04:55 am, "Clay"
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> > I realized what the problem mostly likely was after submitting the
> > question. I do believe that the mount point where I am wanting to
> > have rc.conf located is not yet available when the file is read. 
> > Is there a way to have this FS mounted prior to rc.conf being read?
> > Could I maybe place this mount point above the root in fstab?  I
> > will give it try when I have time later today.
> Perhaps there is a better solution that will eliminate the need to
> deal with this issue. You might consider writing a script that will
> backup the files you want, which you write once and use forever, or
> you can dump the root filesystem (for one) to a backup disk and/or a
> compressed file. This can be done on a regular basis with a cron job.
> I'm not sure what your specific needs are, but there are easier ways
> to do backups.

> I could and may eventually write a script.
> I am putting together a media server for hosting my CD's as MP3's.  I
> am wanting to move as many of system and app config files I change
> through this process to a location on my "data" partition so that I
> won't have to redo them in the event that I rebuild the root
> partition.

OK, well I'm not terribly familiar with working around the normal boot 
process, other than working with various bootloaders. I am not sure, 
but it could be a bit tricky. Maybe someone else would know ... ?

- jt

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