Best hardware to mirror IDE drives under FreeBSD?

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Mon Jun 27 00:34:49 GMT 2005

On 6/26/05, Brett Glass <brett at> wrote:
> I need to set up a FreeBSD server with two or more sets of
> mirrored drives. What is the best controller to use for this
> purpose? Note that I don't need striping or other RAID
> functions -- just mirroring, hopefully with hot swap capability.
> A system that could re-mirror a replacement drive with minimal
> impact on performance would be ideal.

Highpoint RocketRAID:
1640:   4xSATA,    PCI 32bit, 33MHz
1810A: 4xSATA,    PCI-X 64bit, 66/100/133Mhz
1820A: 8xSATA,    PCI-X 64bit, 66/100/133Mhz
2220:   8xSATA-II,  PCI-X 64bit, 66/100/133Mhz

With the exception of the 2220 all of the other cards do RAID 5 in
software. For your needs just about any RAID card from anyone will do
what you want. The main reason I recommended highpoint's raid cards
this because the company fully supports FreeBSD 4.x / 5.x with drivers
and CLI/GUI management programs.

For you hot-swapping needs look here for SATA cages:

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