Intel SE7320VP2 board + Marvell 88E8050 nic.

jaco at jaco at
Sat Jun 25 12:28:21 GMT 2005

Hello all,

OK, I did not get any feedback on my previous post about this topic.
Doesn't anyone know if FreeBSD supports this hardware, or ?

I know now for a fact that the Marvell NIC is NOT supported, but what
about the rest of the hardware, like the RAID controller, etc?

Must I maybe post more information about this board? I mean, it's like an
entry level Intel server board, I just want to hear from somebody that is
using it that it actually works with FreeBSD (well, excluding the second
NIC of course. ;))

Anyone? Even if it is just "Do not buy that, it will not work."

Thank you in advance.


>Hi all,
>I am not quite sure if this question belongs on freebsd-questions@ or
>freebsd-current@ , but I will try here first.
>Does anyone know the status of the support for Marvell gigabit nic's ?
>Escpecially the ones that is shipped with the Intel SE7320VP2 Server board
>which is Marvell 88E8050.
>I read in the archives that somebody is busy working on it, but I can not
>seem to locate any more info on this.
>Basically I do not care if there is support for 1000Mbit, I just want to
>use the card, even if it is in 100Mbit mode. :)
>I want to use this on 5.4-STABLE or maybe 6-CURRENT, seeing that 6-CURRENT
>is more or less stable (well, way more than 5-CURRENT was in the early
>days anyway :P ).
>Does anyone perhaps know if this is possible?
>Thank you in advance.

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