how to install desired port

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Jun 23 16:05:07 GMT 2005

Hello Sadashiv,

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Sadashiv Kulthe wrote:

>Sorry! I say syslog is not there but it is there with problems !!!
>-bash-2.05b# /usr/sbin/syslogd
>syslogd: child pid 39793 exited with return code 1
>"Sysctl" daemon is not there .. how can I bring sysctl to my system.

[520] Thu 23.Jun.2005 11:00:48
[kadmin at archangel][~]
# whereis sysctl
sysctl: /sbin/sysctl /usr/share/man/man8/sysctl.8.gz /usr/src/sbin/sysctl

[521] Thu 23.Jun.2005 11:00:56
[kadmin at archangel][~]
# apropos sysctl
blackhole(4)             - a sysctl(8) MIB for manipulating behaviour in 
 of refused TCP or UDP connection attempts
syncache(4), syncookies(4) - sysctl(8) MIBs for controlling TCP SYN caching
sysctl(3), sysctlbyname(3), sysctlnametomib(3) - get or set system 
sysctl(8)                - get or set kernel state
sysctl.conf(5)           - kernel state defaults
sysctl_add_oid(9), sysctl_move_oid(9), sysctl_remove_oid(9) - runtime 
sysctl tre
e manipulation
sysctl_ctx_init(9), sysctl_ctx_free(9), sysctl_ctx_entry_add(9), 
y_find(9), sysctl_ctx_entry_del(9) - sysctl context for managing 
dynamically cre
ated sysctl oids



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