Wacom tablet and 5.4-STABLE

Reuben Popp rapopp at marvin.eastcentral.edu
Tue Jun 21 23:26:54 GMT 2005

Hello all :)

I was just given a Wacom Intuos tablet (I'm not sure which exact model
it is, it's a 12x12), and I was wondering if anyone has any experience
with making these work under bsd, preferrably with gimp.  

The connector for the tablet itself is serial, and I have been plugging
it in via my laptop's 25 pin serial connector ;).  I am running
FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE, with most everything installed.  If needed, I can
post output from dmesg as well.  

Thus far I have googled quite a bit, and tried the instructions from the
Wacom Linux page (http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/main),
with no luck so far.

It would be great if I could get this device to work under bsd.  Any

Thanks to everyone in advance
Reuben A. Popp


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