netgear wg311T and ath driver attaching

Luke St.Clair run_faster at
Sat Jun 11 14:50:47 GMT 2005

Luke St.Clair wrote:
>I'm attempting to use the netgear wg311T card, which I bought since the ath 
>man >page and docs said it is supported under FBSD.  I'm using the 5.4 

>>Yes, I'm using one on -CURRENT

>If so, is it possible to just download/compile the ath driver from 
>-CURRENT?  If so, how?

>>The driver is part of the system, you don't have to download/compile   
>>Simply >>put this in your /boot/loader.conf: if_ath_load="YES"

>Or should I be able to make this work on a release system?
>>Yes, see above.

Sorry, I must not have been clear - I kldloaded the if_ath module, as 
specified in my first post, which is what gave me the dmesg errors.  The 
ath0 interface then does not show up in ifconfig -a, because of the errors.  
So I'm not sure how, on a 5.4-RELEASE system, what you're suggesting could 
work.  If the ath driver attached properly, yes, if_ath_load would in fact 
start my card automatically on boot, but the driver can't attach, so trying 
to attach on bootup isn't very helpful.

So, the question still stands, i think - can i get this card working on a 
5.4 release sytem, or do i have to use CURRENT or do something else?

And if I can't get this working on current, the man page of ath REALLY needs 
to be updated, at the very least to specify that wg311v1 is supported, but 
not v2, like the OBSD man page does.

Any my apologies for what must end up looking like horrible html mail from 
hotmail - my main mail is down temporarily.

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