ggv errors with pdf

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Thu Jun 9 06:22:26 GMT 2005

in message <1118286027.67621.12.camel at chaucer>, wrote Mike Jeays
> On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 20:58, .VWV. wrote:
> >
> > I have a problem with ggv whilst trying to read pdf documents,
> > not ps documents [attachment]. Moreover, I would like to know
> > what's the best resource available to produce pdf or ps ones. Is
> > it mandatory to pass through TeX?
> Your attached file ggv appears to be an error message from
> Ghostscript about a file "book.pdf".
> Acroread and gv can both read pdf files well, and both are
> available as ports and packages.

Xpdf is another viable option for reading PDF files.  And the keys
caused the desired function as i pressed even w/o reading the man
page or similar on the first time use.  Though i would have
preferred "=" to decrease the magnification (on US keyboard) instead
of "shift+=" for "+", i am not complaining.

While there is text finding capability in xpdf (which gv lacks), gv
shows the page borders by use of white & grey colors, which xpdf
does not (seem to).  Xpdf paints everything in white inside its
window which was enlarged more than the page size.

  - Parv


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