Eclipse - bug problem resolution for freebsd?

Vizion vizion at
Sat Jun 4 21:34:56 GMT 2005


During the past week I have posted a couple of reports about the bug referred 
to below on the freebsd-java mailing list (java at is also listed as 
the maintainer for this port) but so far not received any acknowledgement or 
response so I guess either the person who has previously maintained this was 
either not around this week or has too much on his/her plate to deal with it 
right now. In these circumstances I am is a copy of my posting today to 
freebsd-java at in the hope that some could help me identify a 
capable committer.
Posted tday:
Subject: can eclipse-devel port be upgraded to 3.02 ?
To:, java at
I have now found a fix is available by using the 3.02 upgrade. I cannot seem 
to reach any individual who would knows how to produce an upgrade or be in a 
position to commit one. Is anyone here able to advise on that might be 
achieved. If anyone here wants details of the bug I can provide them. Here is 
a copy of the email  posted 

There is a bug in the current version 3.7M based on: which provides a serious problem for 
new users - the help file system does not work.

 I understand from contributors to the eclipse forum that that bug is fixed in 
the latest version which is, I believe, 3.02. Apparently a fix for that bug 
was checked in very recently.

Is there any chance that the new version (3.02?) with any late fixes could be 
made available for the freebsd java ports tree?

It would be most appreciated if that could be done as soon as someone has the 
time available.

A big thank you , in advance

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