FreeBSD Active Directory Server

Robert Slade bsd at
Sun Jul 31 09:57:25 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-07-31 at 08:43, Norberto Meijome wrote:
> martin at wrote:
> > Has anyone any experience trying to make FreeBSD an Active Directory
> > Server? From my research and experiementation, I am under the impression
> > that it is possible, but I have yet to come up with any articles where it
> > has actual been done fully.
> it may be not relevant, or simply wrong, but IIRC, e-smith , a linux 
> distrib that was started by mitel, ( ), has 
> Samba *and* winXP sees it as a domain. I can't recall if it's an AD (I 
> *think* it is, as the esmith server runs LDAP, iirc).
> The trick to let the client see the linux/samba server as an AD server 
> was to disable some kind of encryption / cert related option in the 
> client's registry.
> I'll see if i get hold of the colleague that worked on this and ask him 
> the details.
> hope this is of some help.
> Beto

I've been following this tread with some interest as I am looking to
replace a small network running W2k server with a BSD centred one.

The Samba site - has some very useful
information including Howtos and examples. There is however, a warning:

" At this time any appearance that Samba-3 is capable of acting as a
domain controller in native ADS mode is limited and experimental in
nature. This functionality should not be used until the Samba Team
offers formal support for it. At such a time, the documentation will be
revised to duly reflect all configuration and management requirements.
Samba can act as a NT4-style domain controller in a Windows 2000/XP
environment. However, there are certain compromises:

      * No machine policy files.
      * No Group Policy Objects.
      * No synchronously executed Active Directory logon scripts.
      * Can't use Active Directory management tools to manage users and
      * Registry changes tattoo the main registry, while with Active
        Directory they do not leave permanent changes in effect.
      * Without Active Directory you cannot perform the function of
        exporting specific applications to specific users or groups. "
I am currently working on setting up the network, and one of the things
that is quite clear is that full ADS functionality is not necessary.
My view is that for a small network, roaming profiles, printer and file
sharing is all that is really necessary. It looks like Samba has no
problem with that. 

I think that the real problem with answering the original post is that
the question is too general. There are a number of different examples
dependant on the network requirements on the Samba site which could be
taken as a start point. 


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