Acess from FreeBSD jail

Chatchawan Wongsiriprasert cws at
Sat Jul 30 05:25:43 GMT 2005

   I am now using chroot apache+php, and want to move to more secure
FreeBSD jail.

   After read the FreeBSD handbook, I have been successfully created a
jailed apache+php on my test server but there is a litle problem that
need to be solved before I put it on my real server.

   I run mysql-server on this server and make it listen only to
(--bind-address option). How can  I access mysql-server on this server
from the jail without
    (1) make mysql-server listen to the real ip (I don't want to open
another door to my server -- firewall can be employ but this add
another complexity to my setup)
    (2) using unix socket (a lot of code to change and test -- most are
develop by another people).

Chatchawan Wongsiriprasert

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