SCSI RAID management under FreeBSD 5.x

D. Goss lists at
Wed Jul 27 21:03:49 GMT 2005

On Jul 27, 2005, at 1:33 PM, Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:

> On Jul 27, 2005, at 1:16 PM, D. Goss wrote:
>> I've done a bit of searching but I haven't found exactly what I'm  
>> after.  As I understand it there is no way RAID management  
>> software for the IBM (Adaptec) ServeRAID cards (5i, specifically)  
>> that runs on FreeBSD (5.x).  I have also read from the list  
>> archives that the Linux management software that exists for the  
>> IBM ServeRAID cards will not run under Linux mode in FreeBSD.
> What is the Adaptec model for this IBM card?  Most of the standard  
> Adaptec cards seem to have SW that works.

First, apologies, my fingers slipped - the card is a 6i.  I have been  
unable to locate the Adapec equivalent and I've even seen that some  
cards have been made for them by LSI - the chipset on the mobo  
(xSeries 345) is from LSI.  But in fact the box this card came in has  
both the IBM and Adaptec logos so this one is indeed from Adaptec.

There is a P/N 13N2190 but I can't match it with Adaptec and think  
it's an IBM number.

> It has CLI. Megaraid SCSI 320-2X
> id=2000&did=8625&pid=2407
> If you unpack the zip file you'll get MegaRC zip file upzip it and  
> then do chmod 755 megarc and then run ./megarc ?
> You/all get al ist of comands for managing the RAID.

This is great - if indeed i can't get the Adaptec to work, i'll have  
to look into the Megaraid (LSI) card.  Thank you.

I'd of course greatly prefer to find something that works with the  
card that I own... :)


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