cannot install ntop under freeBSD 5.5

Glenn Dawson glenn at
Mon Jul 25 12:57:54 GMT 2005

At 05:03 AM 7/25/2005, PK wrote:

>It must be a BUG in the freeBSD 5.4 ntop port !

The problem you are seeing is because the rrd plugin that's part of ntop is 
supplying 5 argument to the rrd_graph() function.  Which is ok for the 
versions of rrd that are bundled with ntop.

However, if you have the rrdtools port installed, it's version of 
rrd_graph() is expecting 8 arguments.  The error you are getting is because 
the prototype for rrd_graph() that comes with rrdtools does not match how 
ntop is calling it.

To get around the problem, you can remove the rrdtool port, and then ntop 
should build without errors.  If you're using rrdtool you can probably 
reinstall it once ntop is built.  That may cause a problem if rrdtool 
installs any shared libraries that ntop uses.


>  --- On Mon 07/25, Giorgos Keramidas < keramida at > wrote:
>From: Giorgos Keramidas [mailto: keramida at]
>To: piotrekk at
>      Cc: freebsd-questions at
>Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 13:20:05 +0300
>Subject: Re: cannot install ntop under freeBSD 5.5
>On 2005-07-24 20:14, PK <piotrekk at> wrote:<br>><br>> 
>hi<br>><br>> I have exact the same problem and get the same 
>errors.<br>><br>> to clean a port, reinstall or upgrade ntop or rrdtool 
>doesn't help.<br><br>Strange.  I did build ntop on 6.0-CURRENT a few days 
>before the switch<br>to 7.0-CURRENT was made.  I haven't tried to build 
>ntop on 5.X though,<br>so this may be the problem.<br><br>
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