Questions on termcap suggestions

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Sun Jul 24 15:47:36 GMT 2005

> I'm sending this through so someone may find it in the future and
> save themself some effort.

Good of you to try to document it; I wish I knew where else it could
go. I wonder if there should be a wiki-type knowledge base for things
like that.

> Related: In searching around I've also found a teeny tiny little
> program called lpansi that allows you to cat a file to your local
> printer. Shouldn't something like this be in the base, or in ports?
> I found things like birthstone references and what certain flowers
> mean in /usr/share/misc, why not a useful "print" command?

It's easy to guess why not: the developers who've paid their dues (or
otherwise got their clout), and so control the contents of the base
OS, haven't been convinced to put it in.  You could write a PR
proposing the addition, but you'd have better luck volunteering to
make a port for it.

As for "cruft" in the OS, a PR on the subject would be more likely to
encourage some cleanup than any comments in -questions.  Removing
cruft can often be more work than adding it, so it tends to take
plenty of encouragement, or volunteer work.

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