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Hornet hornetmadness at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 00:35:35 GMT 2005

On 7/23/05, Greg Maruszeczka <greg at grokking.org> wrote:
> Aaron Siegel wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > This message is off topic but I was not sure were else I can go to get help
> > with my problem.  For the past week I have been receiving messages from
> > various mail servers which have bounced messages I have not sent but have my
> > email address as the originator of the bounced message. I believe there are
> > some SPAMers using my email address on their SPAM. I would really like to
> > avoid changing my domain name.  Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there
> > something I can do?
> >
> It's probably "blowback" resulting from the activities of worm-infected
> windows hosts. Someone you correspond with got infected and the worm
> subsequently propagated itself by picking your name from their address
> book and inserting it into the from: header of the message carrying the
> worm. Then, badly configured MTAs send "helpful" NDRs to the "sender"
> informing them that they're messages couldn't be delivered
> Pretty routine, really.
> G
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Yeah, that should, for the most part blow over is a few weeks. In the
mean time just filter to the trash. If it to big of problem, you can
always delete the NDR's from your mailbox using a script on a cron

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