Epson 2480/2580 scanner support

Erik Nørgaard norgaard at
Fri Jul 22 10:40:14 GMT 2005


Sorry if this question is misplaced, but the sane project hosts no user 
mailing list, and the hardware list brought no luck.

Looking at the handbook it seems that ny scanner supported by the sane 
backend is supported on FBSD.

Now, the ports version is 1.0.15, on the sane home page, they list 
support for version 1.0.13 and the CVS version.

I'm interested in the Epson 2480 or 2580, for the stable version 1.0.13, 
they are listed with basic/minimal support while the CVS version 
mentions good/basic support. (snapscan backend)

Can anyone enlighten me as to how well these devices are supported by 
the ports-version 1.0.15?

Second, on the snapscan web page, they warn:

05/22/05: Warning!
I've received a report from a user who was left with a broken scanner 
after using the Epson 2480 in transparency mode in 2400 DPI with xsane. 
According to the report the scanner power light went red and the scanner 
"smelled hot". After power-cycling the scanner it was not possible to 
scan anymore...

Can anyone confirm this? and know if the problem has been corrected in 
newer versions?

The scanner is primarily for scanning negatives, if anyone can recommend 
me an alternative, supported and with an equivalent pricetag I'll really 

Thanks, Erik
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