join my freebsd box to windows domain?

perikillo perikillo at
Fri Jul 22 06:27:27 GMT 2005

   Hi all.
      I want to run freebsd 5.4 and join this machine to my windows
2k3 domain, i just want to browse with my freebsd machine the others
windows clients and windows clients browse my box, i just want to be
another machine on the domain, they are running Windows XP and others

     This is my first time i am going to try this, i want to know if
is posible and wich software i need or where i can find some
information about, i search with google, but all the examples talk
about making freebsd domain member or PDC, is the only way...?

     Them if is posible, i will need samba software? Any information
or link are welcome.

NOTE: i want to setup this machine and be my backup server on my
Redmond domain, this is way im investigate about this, i think that if
i want to make one Unix system to be my backup system for window
domain system i need to be another client on that domain, im right or

    I have never than this, but i want to give a try.

PDC Windows 2k3
Clients running winXP and win 2k.
Freebsd 5.3 or 5.4.

   Thanks in advanced.

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