Real IP under NAT

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Jul 18 15:55:40 GMT 2005

DerAlSem wrote:
> Hello Chuck,
[ ... ]
> No, that won't work, because i need an external IP on LAN machine.
> Ext IP adresses -
> Gate ext_if -
> Gate int_if -
> LAN (via NAT) machines -
> Another LAN (via NAT) machine -
> How?

natd doesn't care whether you use routable or non-routable IPs; you can NAT an 
external IP, too, if you really want to.

But if you simply want to set up a small DMZ where the hosts are not doing NAT 
but just using routable IP's, that's trivial: set gateway_enable in 
/etc/rc.conf, and away you go.  In this case, you'd want three interfaces on 
the box, a WAN, a LAN, and a DMZ, preferably all on distinct subnets.


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