Demon license?

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>> alongside other logos, such as Tux, the Red Hat logo, and
>> Microsoft's Windows logo. We're in the process of testing our
>> hardware configurations before offering BSD-powered machines to our
>> clients, which should knock a significant amount off the
>> price. These logos are not currently displayed, but I can send you a
>> mock-up if you need it.
>The daemon is copyright of Kirk McKusick <mckusick at>.  You
>should ask him for permission.  In general he gives it if the usage is
>BSD-related, as it appears to be in this case.

Strictly speaking, the IMAGES of the daemon that are on the
website are what is copyrighted.  Nothing is stopping someone from
a 'devil' image and associating it with FreeBSD.

Over the years there have been many representations of the BSD Daemon.
Not all are copyrighted by Kirk, for example:

Both the above are USENIX copyrights - per Kirk.

However, to me the most classic "FreeBSD Daemon" image that has ever been
done has been the 4.3BSD one:

That one, and similar variants, I think also are the most recognizable
as the "FreeBSD one".  And that one and the variants are copyrighted by


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