Can't access to gmail (maybe a port problem with ipfw)

Norbert Koch NKoch at
Mon Jul 18 06:51:43 GMT 2005

> Hi everybody. I'm trying to access gmail from my FreeBSD box (5.4).
> I'm usinf IPFW. The question is I can acces if I set ipfw to accept
> all from any to any, so I know there's a port that should be opened to
> access the main page of gmail. When the firewall is up (allowing only
> traffic through ports 21, 80 and above 1024) I can't even acces gmail
> main page (mozilla simply ignores the address I give it)

Post your firewall configuration. You should at least have a rule
to allow any tcp from your box to the world.
Here is an fragment from my home computer's firewall rules:

  pass tcp from any to any established	# allow established tcp connections
  pass ip from any to any frag		# allow fragmented segments
  pass tcp from me to any setup		# allow me to setup tcp connections
  pass udp from me to any keep-state	# allow me to setup udp-connections

This alone won't work, if you want your box to forward traffic
from other hosts in your local net.


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