FreeBSD 5.x raid...

Casper kl at
Thu Jul 14 15:25:03 GMT 2005

David Kelly wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 03:55:38PM +0200, FreeBSD questions mailing list wrote:
>>'plex org raid1 512k' is invalid
>>you should use:
>>'plex org concat'
> Uh, he wants all data on one SATA drive and a mirror on the other. 
> Therefore he does not want to "concat" but to "mirror". The man page
> examples often complicatate things by concating some drives then
> mirroring the concated.

Yep, thanx, I have changed:

drive a device /dev/ad4c
drive b device /dev/ad6c
volume www
plex org mirror
sd length 165g drive a
sd length 165g drive b

  vinum create -f www.vinum
    4: plex org mirror
** 4 Invalid plex organization: Invalid argument
    5: sd length 165g drive a
** 5 Unnamed sd is not associated with a plex: Invalid argument
    6: sd length 165g drive b
** 6 Unnamed sd is not associated with a plex: Invalid argument
2 drives:
D a                     State: up       /dev/ad4c       A: 190782/190782 
MB (100%)
D b                     State: up       /dev/ad6c       A: 190782/190782 
MB (100%)

1 volumes:
V www                   State: down     Plexes:       0 Size:          0  B

0 plexes:
0 subdisks:

> Vinum is flaky on 5.x, while gvinum works pretty good. Others have
> suggested the future is brighter with the RAID functions in GEOM but I'm
> not yet ready to experiment with my 300G gvinum slice.
> I never quite figured out the manual method of configuring [g]vinum. The
> "SIMPLIFIED CONFIGURATION" section of the manual got me running. I think
> this how he would want to do it.
> There isn't a gvinum man page. Gvinum (GEOM vinum) lacks complete vinum
> functionality but I don't know what.
> First, I don't think its wise to use partition "c". Use sysinstall to
> create the single largest partition possible and it'll be on "d".
> Partition "c" has special meaning and many times its used because the
> device driver fakes a disk label with "c" when a real disk label is
> missing. If the driver is always able to fake a correct and identical
> label then you are fine, but its better to write a real one on disk.
> Creating a gvinum mirror is as simple as this:
> # gvinum mirror -v /dev/ad4d /dev/ad6d
> Might need:
> # gvinum start
> Then edit /etc/rc.d./vinum and add the "g" to this line thusly:
> start_cmd="gvinum start"
> Your new slice will probably be /dev/gvinum/vinum0, so edit /etc/fstab
> appropriately.
> The slice should be ready for newfs, and then mounting.
> Be sure to add this to /etc/rc.conf:
> start_vinum="YES"

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