Building an ISO for CD release of a custom FreeBSD 5.4

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Thu Jul 14 00:10:55 GMT 2005

Jonathan Beit-Aharon wrote:

> I tried the following:
>    cd /usr/src/release
>    make release CHROOTDIR=/usr/v54export BUILDNAME=FBSD54_050712 
>        CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at 
> EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src \
>        MAKE_ISOS=/usr/v54export COMPAT_DISTS=compat4x 
> OTHER_DISTS=manpages \
>        NOPORTS=YES
> It complained that the connection to the CVS repository is being 
> refused.  I tried changing the CVSROOT to :pserver:freebsdanoncvs at ... 
> but that and several other protocol variations didn't help.   I can't 
> see why -- does anyone know/care?   Is there a simple way to overcome 
> this obstacle (is the documentation wrong/typo'ed)?
There are three main components of a custom install disc: Distributions 
(binaries), documentations, ports collection.
As for the binaries, they are built from /usr/src since You use EXTRCDIR 
macro. As for ports collection, it won't be integrated since You 
specified NOPORTS=YES. As for documentation, it will be built from the 
CVS repository if You don't specify EXTDOCDIR, so the documentation will 
be checked out from the repository and You can only specify a local 
directory where the CVS repository is mirrored, afaik. I haven't seen 
any example that used that pserver address. So You'd better mirror it 
with CVSup and then You could specify such /usr/home/ncvs, if your 
mirror is located under /usr/home/ncvs


Gábor Kövesdán

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