Gnome upgrade killed mouse

Paul Schmehl pauls at
Tue Jul 12 14:27:49 GMT 2005

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> Paul Schmehl <pauls at> writes:
>> I ran the script and now my mouse doesn't.  Even if I
>> run Xorg -configure and start X with the generated file,
>> the mouse doesn't work.
>> I can see the mouse being detected in the dmesg.boot, so it appears to
>> be a problem with Xorg rather than device detection.  Any suggestions
>> would be welcomed, since my desktop is essentially useless at this
>> point.  (I'm sending this from my Winbloze laptop.)
>> One other question.  After running the script, when I
>> run portupgrade there are updates to gnome and lots of gstreamer
>> plugin stuff. Is it safe to run those through portupgrade?  Or do I
>> need to run the script again?
> Are you running moused?

I am now.  I was not before.  The strange thing is, the mouse worked 
perfectly without moused before the upgrade.  Now it works perfectly as 
well, but only if I am running moused.

> If so, does the mouse work on the console?

It does now.  I did not before I ran moused.

> Does the mouse work in a simpler X environment, like twm?

No, it didn't.  It does now.  Something obviously changed.  Or maybe I was 
just "lucky" before.  :-)

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