Time not wanting to change

Björn König bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 11 14:03:17 GMT 2005

Warren wrote:
> im running  FreeBSD5.4-STABLE
> For some damn reason my Clock in KDE reads the correct time but yet my system 
> base time when doing a uname -a outputs to UTC time and not AEST.  i have run 
> rdate and other programs and not one of them manages to fix the time, i even 
> checked BIOS, i even (gasp) stuck a windows hdd in this machine and it ran 
> the correct time.
> So my question is .. why wont it change the time and what is there that i can 
> use to force it to use the correct time.

You can change the timezone with 'tzsetup' and time and date with the 
'date' command, see manpage for more information.

The time and date shown by 'uname -a' is the time where the kernel was 
built. It's a fixed string in the binary. It won't change unless you 
won't recompile your kernel.


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