suitability of freebsd 5.3 for 486 dx2 66?

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sun Jul 10 09:32:13 GMT 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

>This is fine for FreeBSD 4.11,  yes it will take a long
>time to build a kernel, but not more than 24 hours.  You
>also get some valuable lessons in space planning on a
>hard disk.
>The original PDP-11 only had 64k  (that's k, not meg) of
>ram I believe.
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>>Subject: suitability of freebsd 5.3 for 486 dx2 66?
>>I plan on running a 486 I found laying around as a
>>freebsd box. It only has a floppy, and yes, it's a
>>486. It does have 500 meg hard disk and 20 megs of ram
>>though. Any ideas as to what is realistic to expect
>>out of this machine? I plan to run it as a CLI box
>>only to learn perl, python, C++ and some other stuff
    Good luck fitting everything on there. You can get FreeBSD on 250 
maybe, but that's just the base system. After installing Python/any GNU 
stuff or sources, you may run into disk space issues. Then again, you 
can plan on having your swap slice being small (~50 Mb if you wish). 
Email me personally, if you want any DRAM because I have some laying 
around that you might want from a 486 ;).

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