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jdyke jdyke at
Thu Jul 7 21:36:15 GMT 2005

Efren Bravo wrote:
> Hi,
> Al last I could enter to freeBSD by SSH. After I erased all 
> inetd_enable="YES" instances except one. Also I downloaded the PuTTY 
> client.
> I had to create other user to connect myself to freeBSD because it 
> doesn't leave me as root user.
> How do I to connect myself to freeBSD by ssh as root?

you really should not.  but if you abosolutely want to, you can modify 
/etc/ssh/sshd_config and add PermitRootLogin Yes, its either commented out 
andn/or set to no, the default.  If this is open to any other traffic except for 
local lan, then just use the better approach....

ssh in and then `su - ` and enter roots password.  of course to do this, you 
must have entered your other user as part of group 'wheel'

> Thanks...
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