FreeBSD 5.4 and Sli 3114 sata controller broken?

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Thu Jul 7 19:53:25 GMT 2005

On Jul 7, 2005, at 1:48 PM, Evan Jones wrote:

> hey,
> I have a Tyan s2882 mainboard with an integrated SLI 3114 SATA RAID  
> controler on board. I have four 120gig sata drives attached to it.  
> I can succefully build a RAID 0, 1 or 10 in the BIOS, but the  
> created RAID dosent seem to show up in Freebsd. The drives get  
> detected but I can only seem to use them as individual drives and  
> not a raid array. I can successfully create a raid using ATA  
> control but from what I understand that is a software RAID only.
> Anyone know what is going on? I cant seem to find any info on Sli  
> 3114 support in freebsd.

That is actually a software raid as well with BIOS support for setup  
and configuration...  But the driver does all the RAID work at  

I have the S2882 and could not get the Sil3114 working even with JBOS  
with 5.3 back when I was installing and going live and so I ended up  
with a RocketRAID 1820a from highpoint (and use it for JBOD only --  
my RAID is SCSI and Adaptec 2200S)

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