Copying data onto a NTFS partitioned hdd

Thomas Leveille thomas.leveille at
Thu Jul 7 07:47:10 GMT 2005

On 7/7/05, Warren <shinjii at> wrote:
> After some help getting this External HDD mounted in FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE .. i
> now find im unable to copy any of the data from my BSD partition to the NTFS
> hdd .. can bsd write to a NTFS drive or am i doomed to have to use winblows ?
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There's a or ntfs writing is very limited under freebsd. I wouldn't
try if I were you (see the man page on the link) :

If you don't have a windows install, you can try using a Linux LiveCD
which includes captive-ntfs. You need a few dll from windows xp but I
think there's a setup which download the windows xp sp1 for you to
retrieve them automatically. But it's not a viable solution if you
plan to copy files to the ntfs partition on a regular basis. I assume
you are in a dual boot environment. I suggest you to format the
external drive in fat32 if you want it to be readable by both Windows
and FreeBSD.

link to captive-ntfs :

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