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Charles Swiger cswiger at
Wed Jul 6 20:28:29 GMT 2005

On Jul 6, 2005, at 4:16 PM, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
> Here's the situation ,  minute after I launch Spamassassin the  
> machine starts
> crawling,  although top shows anywhere from 50 - 90 idle  it just  
> slows down
> extremely , for example I'll type top  and wait anywhere between 4  
> and 12
> seconds before it actually  brings up the screen.

Sounds like you are swapping.  You can check top or vmstat to see for  
sure.  You can control the number of SA child processes by adding a "- 
m NNN" flag to spamd_flags in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/


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