Linksys WMP11 on Freebsd 4.3

Danny Howard dannyman at
Wed Jul 6 18:15:19 GMT 2005

Jamie Ann P. Zamodio wrote:

>Hi, I would just like to ask if there is any way at
>all that I can configure the Linksys wireless PCI card
>(WMP11) to work on Freebsd 4.3? I know the card's not
>compatible, but if I can't make it work I'll have to
>buy a wireless card that IS compatible and I'm hoping
>I wouldn't have to do that.

If you can get ahold of the Windows drivers, and if NDIS is available 
for 4.3 (else you'll want to upgrade your OS to something more current) 
then you can you NDIS to set up Windows drivers.

I have blogged a howto at

Good Luck,


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