dhclient.conf for wireless interface

Danny Howard dannyman at toldme.com
Wed Jul 6 18:13:16 GMT 2005

Erik Nørgaard wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to configure dhclient to associate with the correct 
> accesspoint, I use FreeBSD Current with the new dhclient ported from 
> OpenBSD.
> The examples I can find mentions that I should create an entry in my 
> dhclient.conf like this:
> interface "ath0" {
>     media "ssid AP1 mode 11g", "ssid AP2 mode 11g";
> }
> and dhclient will then first try to associate with AP1 and then AP2.
> The problem is that with that setup dhclient enters into an aparently 
> infinite loop bringing up and down the interface, until I break it. I 
> have to manually run 'ifconfig ssid AP1 mode 11g' first.


FWIW, it looks like you are doing the right thing.  Maybe you have hit a 

There may be a tweak for dhclient's configuration to extend the amount 
of time it will attempt a profile before giving up and trying the next.  
I would like to think that "mode 11g" is superflous, and that you can 
just set that before-hand, or at a lower level ...

Good Luck,


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